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Our Quality Policy

"CLP International aims to continually improve our product quality and services. We shall achieve this through:

  • Achieving customer satisfaction by providing efficient customer services
  • Improving employees' skills and competency
  • Achieving high product quality and operational effectiveness & efficiency
  • Committing to the continual improvement of the company's Quality Policy, Quality Objectives and the Quality Management Systems".

ISO 9001:2000 Certification


At CLP, we believe that business success is about understanding and fulfilling customers' needs.

In the words of our founder and Chairman, Mr Lim Ching Seng, "CLP owes its achievement to being able to comprehend and at the same time, satisfy its customers' needs. As the industry becomes more conscious of quality, we will strive even harder for better quality products and services".

In our unrelenting efforts to ensure client satisfaction, improvement of product quality is upheld as the utmost priority at CLP. As a testimony of our commitment to quality, CLP has attained the ISO Quality Management System certification since 1997.

The ISO quality management system ensures that our sales representatives share a firm commitment to understanding customers' needs and achieving customer satisfaction.

At every stage of our business cycle --- such as receiving and processing of sales orders, receipt of raw materials, storage, production and delivery --- stringent quality checks are in place to ensure that the quality of the products delivered to our customers are of the highest quality.

In this knowledge economy, our quality assurance extends to staff training too, in order that they can excel in their tasks.

Indeed, our emphasis on product quality and staff training has enabled us to meet the expectations of our clients over the past five decades. Our clients find the quality of our products to be highly assuring and the fact that some of them have been with us for decades underlines the trust they have in us. Hardly surprising then, that reputable names like Akzo Nobel, Beecham Pharmaceuticals and Chevron Oronite are amongst our clientele today.

In a dynamic market place where change is the norm, it is our policy at CLP to continually improve our product quality and services. This has been the cornerstone of our success for the last 55 years and we believe it will continue to reinforce our position as a trusted business partner.


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